What happens to my policy if my return home is delayed?

Where your trip is necessarily extended due to an event that entitles you to make a claim under this policy, we will extend your cover free of charge until you are able to travel home by the quickest and most direct route or for a period of six (6) months, whichever happens first.

For example: You have been injured in an accident and your doctor has advised you not to travel

Where your trip is necessarily extended for a reason for which you are NOT able to make a claim under your policy, you should contact us before your policy expires, to extend your policy.

For example: You wish to remain overseas past the return date as specified on your policy

Cover cannot be extended:

  • For any Pre-existing Medical Condition, unless it is listed under the heading 'Covered Pre-Existing Medical Conditions' in our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and you have not been hospitalised (including Day Surgery or Emergency Department attendance) for that condition in the past 24 months; or
  • For conditions you suffered during the term of your original policy; or
  • Where you have not advised us of any circumstances that have given (or may give) rise to a claim under your original policy; or
  • Where at the time of extension you are aged 80 years or over.

Where we have agreed to extend cover, we will issue you with a new Certificate of Insurance. The period of insurance on your new Certificate of Insurance cannot exceed a maximum combined period of 24 months.

Please contact us (see below) to notify us of the event and extension:

Website www.fastcover.com.au/your-policy
Email info@fastcover.com.au
Call us from Australia 1300 409 322 (9am to 5pm Sydney time weekdays)
Call us from overseas +61 2 8215 7239

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