Am I covered for cancellation if a relative is hospitalised?

Cover would be dependent on your close relative's situation:

1) You would have cover up to the benefit limit for trip cancellation or trip disruption if your close relative is hospitalised unexpectedly, provided: 

a)  You can reasonably demonstrate that the hospitalisation is not related to a pre-existing medical condition, or

b) The reason for the hospitalisation is due to a pre-existing medical condition that is on our list of covered pre-existing medical conditions.

2) The most that we will pay for trip cancellation or trip disruption in total is 25% of your non-refundable claim expenses up to a maximum of $2,000, if your close relative is hospitalised:

a)  Due to a pre-existing medical condition that is NOT on our list of covered pre-existing medical conditions, or 

b) You are unable to reasonably demonstrate that your close relative‚Äôs hospitalisation is not related to a pre-existing medical condition.

3) There would be no cover If you were aware that your close relative has a pre-existing medical condition at the time of your policy purchase AND you were aware of the likelihood of hospitalisation.


There is no cover under any situation if your close relative is older than 84 years of age.

Cover is subject to the policy terms, considerations, limits and exclusions in the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

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