Can I get a policy that covers me for the Pre-Existing Medical Conditions that are not listed?

We CANNOT cover Pre-Existing Medical Conditions that are NOT on our list of Covered Pre-Existing Medical Conditions.

Please contact our affiliate Aussie Travel Cover* on 02 9998 7854, they may be able to take you through a medical assessment over the phone and create a travel insurance policy for your specific condition.

Please note that Aussie Travel Cover:

1) Policies can ONLY be done over the phone.

2) Medical assessments can ONLY be done by the person requiring the insurance (unless they have given you authority over the phone) or for their dependent.

3) They will need your medical history detailing the condition that you have and the medication you are on.

*Fast Cover Pty Ltd receives a commission from Aussie Travel Cover for each referred policy.

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