I have a quote but I can't see what the excess is?

For policies purchased BEFORE you have departed Australia:
The Standard Excess is $200. You can choose to reduce the Standard Excess to $100 or $0 for an additional fee. It may also depend on the section of the policy you make a claim under.

For policies purchased AFTER you have already left Australia:
The excess for already overseas policies is $500. It is NOT possible to reduce or remove this excess.

Medical Excess:
For travellers aged 80 - 89, a $2,000 medical excess applies for all claims arising from, related to or associated with an injury or sickness.
It is NOT possible to reduce or remove the medical excess for travellers aged 80 - 89. For claims not related to your injury or sickness a $200 excess applies unless you reduce it.

For more information, refer to our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

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