Am I covered if the Australian border or a state or territory border is shut preventing me from taking my trip?

No, there is no cover for changes in Australian border restrictions in response to the spread or a subsequent wave of COVID-19 which prevents you travelling to a trip commencement location such as a Kimberley Cruise.

Claims that are directly or indirectly related to or arising from the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the COVID-19 disease or any mutation of either, are excluded under this policy. The exclusion related to COVID19 applies regardless of when you buy your policy, your travel destination, or the Australian government’s travel advisory for the country at the time you bought your policy. 

This is because we consider the global outbreak to be a known event and the ongoing disruption to domestic and international travel to be foreseeable and expected. This is the case even once the Australian or any relevant government eases or removes domestic and international travel 2 bans. Travel anywhere has generally become more complex and unpredictable, so your travel plans may have a higher chance of being disrupted.

For more information refer to our Travel Advisory on COVID-19.

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