Am I covered for Quad Bike riding?

You are NOT automatically covered. To be covered for Quad Bike riding, you will need to buy the Adventure Pack


  • You must NOT be competing or playing professionally.
  • You also must be a single rider and NOT racing
  • The Adventure Pack is NOT available with the Basics policy
  • You are NOT covered under the following benefits if you have the Adventure Pack:
    • Benefit 10: Permanent Disability
    • Benefit 11: Loss of Income
    • Benefit 18: Personal Liability
  • Your claim arises from you being in control of a recreational all-terrain vehicle (including but not limited to quad-bikes, trikes and buggies) or are a passenger on a recreational all terrain vehicle unless you: 
    • a. are under the direct supervision of a properly licensed recreational organisation, and; 
    • b. are obeying all relevant safety codes; and 
    • c. are wearing protective gloves and a motorcycle rider’s helmet

Cover is subject to the policy terms, conditions, limits and exclusions in the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

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