Am I covered to ride a motorcycle on public unsealed roads?

You are NOT automatically covered.

To be covered for motorcycle riding on public sealed or unsealed roads you will need to take out the Motorcycle Pack.

You are covered to ride a moped or scooter with an engine size no greater than 50cc provided you:

  • Have a current Australian drivers licence, and 
  • Licence valid for the country that you are riding in.

If you will riding a moped, scooter or motorcycle with an engine size greater than 50cc, you must:

  •  Have a current Australian motorcycle licence valid for the same size of motorcycle, regardless of the local laws, and 
  • Licence valid for the country that you are riding in.


  • If you hold a Provisional Australian Motorcycle licence you must comply with the restrictions of this type of licence, regardless of the local laws.
  • There is no restriction on the engine size of the motorcycle
  • The moped, scooter and motorcycle itself is not covered under your policy.
  • There is no cover for off road motorcycle riding, and you are not covered for riding on private roads.
  • You cannot add the Motorcycle Pack to a Domestic Plus policy, as there is no cover for medical treatment or ambulance transportation which is provided in Australia.

Cover is subject to the policy terms, conditions, limits and exclusions in the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)..

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