How do I report Fraud?

Submitting an insurance claim that is not true, correct, did not occur, is misleading or exaggerated is a criminal offence under Australian Law and can lead to prosecutions. If you submit a claim which is fraudulent, or false in any respect, or there is a material alteration in the risk, we may deny part of, or all of the claim, to the extent permitted by law. If you, or someone authorised and acting for you, submits to us any false or misleading information you may be prosecuted. Additionally, your policy may be cancelled by us under the law and no refund of premium will be made.

Insurance fraud and fraudulent claims force the cost of your insurance to increase. For the community and your benefit, we encourage you to assist in reducing insurance fraud by reporting it to:

  • Via email to
  • By calling 1300 409 322 (9am - 5pm Sydney time, Monday - Friday)
  • Going to our website

All information will be treated with full confidentiality and protected to the full extent of the law.

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