What is Rental Vehicle Excess Cover?

The Rental Vehicle Excess cover on your policy pays the excess charged by your Rental Vehicle company should you have an accident and need to claim. 


  • You only have this cover if you chose the Comprehensive, Standard Saver, Snow Sports Plus, Domestic Plus and Frequent Traveller Saver policies.
  • You only have this cover if you have paid the additional premium to add this cover to your policy.
  • This benefit DOES NOT replace the Rental Vehicle insurance that you need to take out with your Rental Vehicle company. It only covers the EXCESS component of that insurance up to your nominated amount. 
  • For example: If you have an accident, and the cost is $10,000 to repair the vehicle, and your rental vehicle company charges you a $3,000 excess. Your policy will pay this excess, up to a maximum of your nominated amount.
  • Make sure you understand what your Rental Vehicle Insurance covers you for, as you can only claim on the Rental Vehicle Insurance Excess Benefit if the damage is covered by your Rental Vehicle Insurance policy.
For example: You have Rental Vehicle Insurance policy with your rental car company with an excess of $4 000, but it doesn't cover you for damage to the windscreen. You purchase Rental Vehicle Insurance Excess cover up to $5 000 with us to cover that excess. If you drive the rental car and your windscreen is damaged, you would not be able to claim for that damage on your rental vehicle insurance policy because it's not covered - and this means that you would not be able to claim rental vehicle insurance excess from us.

Cover is subject to the policy terms, conditions, limits and exclusions in the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

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