I'm a temporary resident of Australia, can I take out a policy if my health insurance ends when I leave for my overseas holiday?

You would not be eligible for a travel insurance policy with us if your current health insurance policy will end prior to your return to Australia. 
Your private health insurance policy must be valid for the duration of your trip and also when you return to Australia. 


  • Your overseas travel insurance policy with us will end when you return to Australia, and this includes your medical cover. So you must have health insurance cover in case you are seriously injured while you are overseas and the Emergency Assistance team deem it necessary to repatriate you back to Australia for treatment, otherwise you will be liable for the medical expenses.  
  • We do not cover for repatriation to any country other than Australia.
  • To be eligible for a policy with us, you must:
    • Hold a valid Medicare card or are covered by an Australian Private Health Insurance policy that satisfies the government health insurance requirements for your visa type; and 
    • Have a home in Australia to which you intend to return; and 
    • Your trip starts and ends in Australia; and 
    • You hold a return ticket to Australia; and 
    • You are aged 89 years and under.

For more information, refer to our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

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