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  • Can I add cover for my bike?

    You will need to buy the Bicycle Pack Add-on to add cover for your bike. Your bicycle can only be covered if, at the time the Certificate of Insurance is issued, the bike is: * less than three (3) yea

  • Are race wheels, power metre and Garmen computers considered part of my bike or an accessory?

    Race wheels, power metre and Garmen computers are considered bicycle accessories and are covered for up to $750 in total under the Luggage and Personal Effects benefit. Cover is subject to the policy

  • Are bikes covered when damaged in transit?

    You only have cover for your bike if you buy the Bike Pack. If your bike is damaged while being transported by aircraft and you have securely packed it in a bike case or other container designed for b

  • I'm not sure how to add the Bike pack to my quote

    When you get a quote on our website, on the 'Choose Your Plan' page, select the policy that you are looking to purchase. You will be taken to the next page which will give you options to tailor the

  • Am I covered for Motocross riding?

    There is NO cover for Motorbike or Bicycle Motocross riding. For more information, refer to our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

  • What is the Bicycle Pack?

    The Bicycle Pack can provide cover for your own bicycles for up to $5000 each and up to a maximum of $15 000 in total for all bicycles. Note: An additional premium is payable to add the Bicycle Pack t

  • I'm doing a self-guided bicycle tour, am I covered?

    Yes, you have cover to take a self-guided bicycle tour, provided you are not racing, doing motocross, BMX, cross country or going downhill mountain biking. Cover is subject to the policy terms,

  • Are Bicycles covered?

    You will need to buy the Bicycle Pack Add-on to cover your Bicycle.  Note: Bicycle Accessories (helmets, pumps, etc) are automatically covered under the Luggage and Personal Effects benefit and NOT co

  • Is Bicycling covered?

    Yes, Bicycling, recreational mountain biking and bicycle tours with a licensed tour operator (but not racing, motocross, BMX, cross country or downhill mountain biking) is automatically covered. You

  • What is the meaning of 'Bicycle'?

    'Bicycle' means any cycle, tricycle or tandem powered predominantly by human pedalling. This includes road bikes, mountain bikes, track bikes, BMX, recumbent bicycles and electric 'pedal assist' bicyc

  • What are Additional Options or Add-ons?

    Additional options or Add-ons are extra cover you can purchase with your policy so you can tailor your policy to suit the type of holiday you're taking. Depending on the policy you choose, Additional

  • How much am I covered for the Bicycle Pack?

    Benefit Limits for the Bicycle Pack: Cover for your Bicycle is only available if you purchase the Bike Pack for an additional fee. Comprehensive: Single, DUO & Family policies: Any one bike is covered

  • What is the meaning of 'Luggage and Personal Effects'

    'Luggage and Personal Effects' means any personal items owned by you and that you take with you, or buy on your trip and which are designed to be worn or carried about with you. This includes items of

  • Is there an altitude limit to riding a bike or motorbike?

    There is no limit to the altitude that you can ride your bicycle or motorbike to, however, you must take reasonable care to protect yourself and your property. You are NOT automatically covered for

  • How many specified high value items can I add to my policy?

    There is no limit on the number of items that you specify high value items for. However, the maximum we will pay for any single Specified High Value item or set is $5 000, and all Specified High Value

  • What's the differences between Standard Saver and Comprehensive travel insurance?

    Our Comprehensive policies provide you with more cover for your trip, and the benefit limits are also higher compared to the Standard Saver policy.  Comprehensive policies can cover you for: Unlimited

  • Am I covered to do trail bike riding?

    If you are riding a motorcycle: You must take out the Motorcycle Pack to have cover to ride a motorcycle and pay the additional premium. You have cover to ride on both sealed and unsealed public

  • My travel plans have changed, what do I do?

    If you want to make changes to your policy, you should contact us as soon as you can to make the relevant changes to your trip. If you do not contact us to amend your policy, you may not have cover

  • What policy type do I need to take out for my holiday?

    You can choose one of the following Cover types: Single Covers you and your dependants travelling with you. Limits apply to the combined total of all claims made by the travellers (including dependant

  • What is the excess for the Comprehensive, Standard Saver, Basics, Frequent Traveller Saver & Snow Sports Plus policies?

    For the Comprehensive, Standard Saver, Basics, Frequent Traveller Saver & Snow Sports Plus policies: We will not pay the first $200 for any one event under the following Benefit Sections* of the Produ

  • What are my choices regarding cover for my holiday?

    Under the policy, you choose the cover you require based on your travel arrangements and your cover type depends on the type of cover you want and are eligible to purchase. 1) You can choose one of th

  • What sports and activities are automatically covered in my policy?

    You are automatically covered for a number of sports and leisure activities as listed below. If you are taking a trip that involves more adventurous activities we offer an optional Adventure Pack that

  • Can I buy extra cover for my valuable items?

    Yes, extra cover for your valuable luggage and personal effects can be purchased for an additional premium and are referred to as Specified High Value items. You can increase the value up to $5,000 fo

  • How is Depreciation on items applied?

    Depreciation is applied based on the age and wear and tear of the item. Subject to the item sub limits set out on the Benefit Summary of the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), the most we will pay is

  • Will depreciation be applied to my lost or damaged items?

    Depreciation will be applied to claims for luggage and personal effects at such rates as reasonably determined by us. Subject to the item sub limits set out on the Benefit Summary of the Product Discl