I need to make a claim, what do I do?

In the event of a claim notice should be given to the Claims team as soon as you are able.

For information on how to make a claim, go to our Claims page or call the Emergency Assistance team on 1300 409 322 or dial +61 2 8215 7239 if you are still overseas.

The claims department will be open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday Sydney time, and will assist you through the fast and simple claims process.

What you need to do when making a claim

For medical, hospital or dental claims

Contact us as soon as possible so that we may assist your care and pre-approve expenses.

For other claims

You must notify us and submit full details in writing within 30 days of your return.

For loss or theft of your luggage and personal effects

Report it immediately to the police and obtain a written notice of your report.

For damage or misplacement of your luggage and personal effects

Caused by the airline or any other operator or accommodation provider, report the damage or misplacement to an appropriate official within 24 hours of discovering the loss and obtain a written report, including any offer of settlement that they may make.

For all liability claims

Do not admit fault or liability or offer or promise to pay any money, or become involved in litigation, without our approval.

For all claims

  • You must give us any information, at your expense, that we reasonably ask for to support your claim.
  • Information such as but not limited to police reports, valuations, medical reports, original receipts or evidence of ownership will be required. 
  • You must do this within the time-frames requested. 
  • We may ask you to provide us with translations into English, if required, of such documents to enable us to carry out our assessment of your claim. 
  • We are under no obligation to pay claims without proof of ownership and proof of event.
  • You must agree to have a blood alcohol and/or breath analysis where local laws permit, where it is necessary for us to assess your claim.
  • We choose how we settle claims. It is the decision of our claims department to repair or replace damaged / lost / stolen items or cash settle the claim, whichever is the lesser. We will repair or depreciate depending on the age and condition of the item or replace with the equivalent in today's market based on the original items specifications. 
  • Claim payments to you will be made in Australian dollars to your nominated Australian bank account. The rate of currency exchange that will apply is the rate on the date you incurred the expense or suffered the loss, as applicable.

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